Audit Support Services

Navigate complex audit landscapes with confidence and clarity.

Comprehensive Audit Services Tailored to Your Needs

Welcome to Qualitas Accounting, where we deliver comprehensive audit services for businesses of all sizes. Our skilled auditors specialize in HUD, CIRA, NFP, and EBP audits, providing precise financial reporting tailored to your needs. Utilizing advanced auditing technology and data analytics, we ensure thorough examinations of your financial records and compliance with relevant regulations. Our extensive experience with HUD audits helps organizations manage complex funding requirements, while our CIRA audits support home owners associations in meeting specific regulations. For nonprofits, our NFP audits ensure timely and accurate reporting, and our expertise in EBP audits guarantees compliance with ERISA and other regulatory frameworks.

Commitment to Integrity, Reliability, and Precision

At Qualitas Accounting, we are committed to integrity, reliability, and precision. Our meticulous audit methodology offers strategic recommendations for improvement, ensuring the highest standards of financial reporting and regulatory compliance for all our clients.

Services Offered

Preparation, Review, and Compilation

We prepare, review, and compile financial statements to ensure they accurately reflect your business’s financial position.

Work Paper Preparation

We meticulously prepare work papers that document the details and findings of our audit processes.

JE Testing & Sample Testing

We conduct thorough journal entry and sample testing to verify the accuracy and integrity of your financial transactions.

Data Roll Forwarding

Our data roll forwarding service ensures seamless transition of financial data from one period to the next.


Preparation, Review, and Compilation services involve creating and assessing financial statements to ensure they accurately reflect your business’s financial position, helping you stay compliant with accounting standards.

02. How does Data Roll Forwarding benefit my business during an audit?

Data Roll Forwarding ensures a smooth transition of financial data from one period to the next, maintaining continuity and accuracy in your financial records, which simplifies the audit process.
Work Paper Preparation is crucial as it documents the details and findings of our audit processes, providing a clear and organized record that supports the accuracy and integrity of the financial statements.
JE Testing (Journal Entry Testing) and Sample Testing involve examining a selection of financial transactions to verify their accuracy and compliance with accounting standards, ensuring the reliability of your financial data.
Yes, these audit support services not only ensure compliance and accuracy but also highlight areas where your financial processes can be improved, offering strategic recommendations for better financial management.