Sales & Use Tax for Businesses

Expanding your business across state lines? Our team ensures seamless sales and use tax compliance, no matter where you operate.

Navigate Compliance with Clarity and Confidence

Whether your business operates within a single state or across multiple jurisdictions, Qualitas Accounting provides the expertise and tailored solutions you need to navigate complex sales and use tax regulations. Our outsourced compliance and audit services ensure adherence, streamline processes, and safeguard your business from potential liabilities.

Sales Tax Compliance Simplified

Navigating sales tax complexities can be a significant burden for businesses. Qualitas Accounting offers comprehensive outsourced sales tax compliance services to streamline the process. Our experts handle nexus calculations, tax applicability determinations, exemption certificate management, and accurate filing and remittance. By outsourcing these tasks to Qualitas Accounting, you’ll gain valuable time, minimize errors, and avoid costly penalties, ensuring seamless compliance.

Services Offered

Sales & Use Tax Management

Precision calculation and timely reporting to ensure accurate tax obligations.

Exemption Management

Streamlined handling of exemption certificates to minimize unnecessary tax burdens.

Audit Support

Knowledgeable representation and guidance during sales tax audits.

Nexus Assessment

Expert evaluation of your business footprint to determine where tax collection is required.

Filing & Remittance

Accurate and on-time submission of tax returns to avoid penalties or interest.


Sales tax is collected by the seller at the point of sale. Use tax is a similar tax, but it applies when you buy goods from out-of-state or online vendors who don’t collect sales tax. Your business is then responsible for paying use tax directly to your state.

What is nexus and why is it important?

Nexus means having a sufficient connection to a state to be required to collect and remit sales tax there. This could be a physical presence (office, store), employees, inventory, or even significant economic activity. Our nexus determination services help you understand where you have nexus and your sales tax obligations.
Trying to manage this manually can be a nightmare! Our sales and use tax management services handle calculations and reporting, while our technology solutions can automate the process, ensuring accuracy and saving you time.
Exemption certificate management ensures you have the proper documentation for tax-exempt purchases. We’ll help you collect, store, and apply these certificates correctly to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.
Sales tax audits can be stressful. Our audit defense services provide experienced support. We’ll handle communication with auditors, gather documentation, and represent your interests to ensure a fair outcome.