S Corporation / Partnership Tax Returns

Maximize S-Corp tax advantages and minimize risks – let our experts optimize your return.

Strategic S-Corporation Tax Solutions

Qualitas Accounting presents a bespoke tax return preparation service tailored for S-Corporations. Our seasoned tax virtuosos possess an in-depth mastery of the tax code’s nuances, guaranteeing meticulous and timely filings. We guide clients through the intricate tax landscape, ensuring compliance while maximizing deductions and credits. With Qualitas, your S-Corporation’s financial health is in expert hands.

Outsource Tax Expertise, Simplify Your Business

Qualitas Accounting’s virtual tax preparation services leverage advanced technology to streamline your S Corporation’s tax process. Our experts guide you through intricate tax regulations, optimize tax savings, and meticulously analyze financial data. From state and federal filings to personalized support and year-round consultation, we ensure compliance and peace of mind.

Services Offered

Dedicated Guidance

Personalized support throughout the tax journey.

Strategic Tax Planning

Proactive strategies to optimize tax outcomes.

Tailored Solutions

Customized support to address unique needs.

Year-Round Support

Ongoing consultation for tax-related matters.

Regulatory Expertise

In-depth knowledge of C corporation tax laws.

Efficient e-Filing

Seamless electronic filing of tax returns.

Audit & Appeal Assistance

Expert representation in case of audits.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging advanced tools for accuracy and efficiency.


We handle all the essential forms for your S-Corp tax return, including Form 1120S (the main S-Corp tax return), Schedule K-1 (for reporting income to shareholders), and any necessary state-specific forms.

How do you ensure my S-Corp's deductions are maximized?

Our tax professionals have in-depth knowledge of S-Corp tax regulations and will meticulously analyze your business expenses to identify all eligible deductions, ensuring you legally minimize your tax burden.
Absolutely. We have extensive experience dealing with the intricacies of S-Corp shareholder distributions, payroll taxes, and other unique tax situations. We’ll guide you through these complexities to ensure compliance and accuracy.
We’re well-versed in multi-state taxation and will ensure your S-Corp complies with all relevant state tax laws, including apportionment and nexus issues.
Yes, in the unlikely event of an audit, we will represent your S-Corp before the IRS, providing documentation and answering any questions to support your tax return.