LLC /LLP / Partnership Tax Returns

Gain strategic insights and ensure seamless reporting with our specialized tax solutions for multi-member business entities.

Expertise in Partnership & LLC Tax Filings

At Qualitas Accounting, we recognize the critical importance of meticulous and timely tax preparation for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and partnerships. We offer a comprehensive suite of tax preparation services meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of LLCs, LLPs, and partnerships. Our team of seasoned tax professionals possesses an unrivaled understanding of the intricate tax laws and regulations governing these business structures. They are exceptionally qualified to guide our clients through these complexities with remarkable ease.

Entrust your LLC, LLP, and Partnership Tax Filings to Qualitas Accounting

At Qualitas Accounting, we recognize the importance of accurate and timely tax preparation for LLCs and partnerships. Our seasoned tax professionals possess specialized knowledge to navigate the complexities of tax laws governing these entities. We offer comprehensive tax services tailored for LLCs, LLPs, and partnerships – including planning, preparation, and filing – ensuring compliance and optimized tax outcomes.

Services Offered

Federal Tax Expertise

Meticulous preparation of Form 1065 and Schedule K-1, ensuring accuracy and compliance with federal tax laws.

Insightful Tax Guidance

In-depth understanding of LLC tax laws and regulations, providing strategic advice to optimize your tax position.

Tailored Support

Personalized guidance throughout the entire tax process, addressing your business's unique needs.

Proactive & Informed

Year-round advice on evolving tax regulations and their impact on your LLC.

Multi-State Mastery

Seamless assistance with complex state income tax filings for LLCs operating across multiple jurisdictions.

Efficient e-Filing & Planning

Electronic filing for streamlined returns, coupled with proactive tax planning strategies for maximum benefit.

Audit & Appeals Assistance

Expert representation and comprehensive support in the event of tax audits or appeals.

Technology-Driven Efficiency

Leveraging the latest technology to streamline processes and enhance accuracy.


The key deadlines for LLC tax reporting depend on your business structure and state. Generally, LLCs taxed as partnerships must file Form 1065 by the 15th day of the 3rd month after the end of your tax year. State deadlines vary, so it’s crucial to check with your state’s tax authority.

02. My LLC operates in multiple states. How does that impact my tax reporting?

Multi-state LLCs often face more complex reporting. You may need to file tax returns in each state where you have business activity. Qualitas Accounting can help you understand the specific requirements in each state and ensure your filings are accurate.
Form 1065 is the main tax return for LLCs taxed as partnerships. It reports the LLC’s income, losses, and deductions. Schedule K-1s are individual forms prepared for each LLC member, detailing their share of the LLC’s income and losses for reporting on their personal tax returns.
Yes! If your LLC faces a tax audit or needs to file an appeal, Qualitas Accounting can provide expert representation. We’ll guide you through the process, assemble documentation, and work with tax authorities on your behalf.
Our team is dedicated to continuous learning and staying ahead of changes in tax laws. We regularly attend professional development seminars, consult tax resources, and monitor IRS updates to ensure our knowledge and advice are always current.